It's a Pretty Dark Place to Leave a Piece of Light (Demo)

by Hit the Pigeon Boy!

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First demo by Hit the Pigeon Boy!
Recorded in Tom's attic in three days, this is some of the songs we wrote last year, greatest memories.

We're surrounded by the ones we sometimes have to blame,
These songs are our friends and fears, so embrace them.
Thanks to all our friends, the ones who came to shows, the ones who sang along.
Thanks to Ilai and Tom, who have done so much for this Demo.


released July 10, 2014

Tomer Naftali - Guitar
Idan Primor - Bass & Vocals
Itai Naftali - Saxophone, and Guitar (Track 2)
Roie Bar-Lev - Drums

Gang Vocals - Uri, Ido, Tomer, Itai, Yotam, Ilai, Tom, Barak, Idan, Roie

All the music by Hit the Pigeon Boy!
Lyrics on tracks 1,3 & 4 by Idan Primor

Album photo was taken by Anastasya Bauer Yevseev



all rights reserved


Hit the Pigeon Boy! Tel Aviv, Israel

Idan, Itai, Roie and Tomer.
We're Hit the Pigeon Boy!, We're an Emo/Screamo band, we're not so good.
we love you.

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Track Name: Boy, How Fast Can You Run?
Exploring what we should find, and the dreams we saved for our moms,
and we all have our goodbyes and our friends, our friends.

When I look into the night, and think of our trip to Berlin, an image is coming to my mind, over and over and over again
Of you, trying to wear my clothes, they always seemed so wrong.

Exploring what we should find and the dreams we saved for our moms,
and we all have our goodbyes and our friends, our friends.

Every time we speak to each other, trying to find ourselves in the words we say, we get lost.
and every time we speak to our favorite person, try to find signs of affection in his face and his voice, we get lost.
and then we sit and try to find our self in our souls and our hearts but be can't find it, we lost it trying to get bettter.
and we have just one question to ask our self.

Boy, how fast can you run?
Track Name: Dents
But if you were none of my feelings, it won't be so hard, to miss you.
Begging for someone to listen, I blame you for not forgiving me,
for making me think, that I have no friends.
I wish that I knew what you think, about me.

This words come from what was never said.

You showed where I lay, I'm tired let's go home I'd rather not stay.
Track Name: First Time at the Zoo!
While we're looking through the end, we find out we have no friends, but I know, I know for sure, you will die with me.
The deer, the boy, the plastic eye, looking on us from the sky, and they know, they know for sure, they are here for us. (tonight)
Track Name: Skies
at the bottom of my darawer i always keep a painting that you painted.
it's there for like three years, and it's the only living memory from the time we were friends.
and I'm always waiting for the day you'll come to my house and I'll show you this painting.

and you will laugh and cry and kiss me one thousand kisses and we will be friends.
and I know it'll never happen cause I'm sure you know this connection is a tile.
and to look beneath it and look for what you should have been.

I will not be your skies.